MOYO Advisory was founded with the vision to provide hands on, actionable advice for any actor and stakeholder wanting to improve lives and make the world better through their conduct and operations.

We are impact pragmatists not purists

We understand that the world is messy. There is tension between pure play commerical objectives and impact. Sometimes doing the right thing comes at a cost. And sometimes doing the right thing and doing it properly saves costs and creates long-term value. We believe that there is space to improve practices alongside the entire spectrum of capital allocation. 

We are biased towards building and doing

There is value in strategy and thinking through how a project or intervention will create change. However, we are passionate to experiment, to try and to somtimes fail, dust off, get up and do it better. A slide hasn't changed the world yet, many people together doing hard things creates companies and the change we need to see. 

We love learning and growing

We are obsessed with ideas, reading and learning from the best and brightest. We want to grow and leave a legacy. 

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We help our clients solve the problems they have, not the problems we know how to solve. We are not a solution in search of problem.


MOYO was set up in 2016 by Katharina Neureiter with the belief that what makes a business thrive is the passion that drives it. Katharina brings together a group of experienced impact professionals and venture builders, who are all deeply passionate about sustainability and business growth.

Whether a business looking to measure their impact, a foundation looking to develop an impactful strategy or investors in search of better impact methodology or due diligence tools - we provide advice and hands-on support that makes sense for you.

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We have worked in a multitude of sectors, industries and geographies


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