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We specialise in strategic business advice. We connect information and capital across markets. We are grounded in a deep understanding of political and stakeholder risks facing investments in sub-Saharan Africa. We believe the future’s most successful firms will be those that manage these risks better than their competitors.


Areas of Practice


Specialists in finding the truth and helping you to put information into context. We won’t tell you everything we know, just everything you need to know. 

Market Entry

Entering new markets challenges every business. We will source reliable information from customer insights to distribution networks and government partners. We help you identify the right strategy and will be by your side when you implement it. 

Deal Origination

We brings analytical rigour, independence and a vast range of industry and functional expertise to the painstaking work of vetting a prospective buyout target or investment opportunity.


You can forecast anything. Delivering actual results is a different story.
— The Firm


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